Why choose Office Fruit Direct ?

Low Overheads

It’s easy to offer the best at the lowest price at the start of a business relationship however companies that have high overheads have to pay for them sooner or later and they can only do that by charging more or providing less than a lower cost operator.

Deal direct with the office fruit owners

Neil our buyer and (co owner) has been at the fresh fruit market for over 30 years so he knows how to buy the best fruit at the right price and how to run a lean ship. Jamie is our other owner and he will personally deal with you and take care of you.

We provide many hundreds of boxes of office fruit throughout Melbourne each week however there are no fancy offices or high overheads at Office Fruit Direct because we keep it simple so our time and money is spent on prociding great quality fruit and personal service.

Why Us ? Because we will always provide you the best A grade fruit at the most competitive price with friendly happy service.