Office fruit box delivery Clayton Melbourne

Office Fruit Direct delivers fruit fresh from the farmers market every week to offices in Clayton

Fresh office fruit adds a little colour and is a great health boost for your staff. If you workers are stuck in traffic on Warrigal Road or Huntingdale Road driving to Clayton imagine how good a piece of fresh fruit will feel when they get to work. Fresh fruit will give them a natural energy lift and get their mind into gear for the day ahead … Ok that and a coffee too.

Direct delivery from farmers market to you means our fruit is genuinely fresh

Supermarkets cater for a huge quantity of food whereas Office Fruit Direct is a boutique office fruit delivery service and can provide fruit straight from the Victorian Wholesale Fruit Market to you

Our fruit is genuinely fresh but don’t take our word for it just read this independent article about fresh fruit. If you would like to know more about fresh fruit just check out this  Sydney Morning Herald article  Fresh is what they say it is

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Office Fruit Direct delivers fruit boxes and office fruit baskets in Clayton

Free fruit box sample

If you’d like a free sample box of office fruit then Jamie can drop one in. He makes regular deliveries all round Clayton so chances are he’ll be in your street every week. We provide a free sample fruit box with no obligation or contracts simply because we know we can offer the best prices and quality.

Ask for a free office fruit quote

Low overheads allows Office Fruit Direct to put more money into the high quality fruit we deliver.

Why not contact Jamie for a free quote anytime and check out our office fruit prices.