Is it really fresh fruit ?


EVERYONE claims to be selling fresh fruit however the term “fresh” is vague as this Sydney Morning Herald article discusses, Fresh is what they say it is

In reality, a lot of produce is actually imported and supermarkets often pick their produce before it is fully ripe. The very nature of massive supermarket distribution systems demand this .  Supermarket fruit is usually stored in refrigerators treated with chemicals to stop the fruit ripening too quickly. It also stored for longer periods of time.

We run a lean ship so you can have high quality fresh fruit without the high price. We reduce costs that other suppliers have to incur which invariably get passed on to you as customers.

The Fruit box you have delivered from us is all real fresh fruit direct from the growers market. We (Neil & Jamie) have complimentary skills and we outsource non core business functions. We do think lean – we even drink skinny lattes !