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Best Fruit Smoothies

Best Fruit Smoothies


If you want to give the team at your office a lift why not supply a blender and let them make up smoothies so they can power along on natural energy and work at their best.

The best fruit smoothie depends on your tastes but Fruit Smoothies with lots of Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt (usually full of sugar) may not be that great for you

No matter what sort of fruit smoothies you are making here are some tips

Get a good strong fruit blender – at least 800 watts

Start with adding the softest and wettest ingredients first so you don’t blow up your new blender

Keep it simple with fresh fruit but you can freeze some fruit in small portions for early morning

Martha Stewart has listed the top ten posted Smoothies here –  Martha Stewarts list of most pinned Smoothies

Prevention E Mag has also listed 20 of their best and healthiest smoothies too Prevention E Mag – Super healthy Smoothies

The absolute key is starting off with beautiful fresh fruit and that’s how Office Fruit Direct can help you because our fruit is fresh from the Melbourne fruit growers market that morning.

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