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Everyone claims their fruit is fresh but is it really?

Everyone claims to be selling fresh fruit, however, the term “fresh” is rather vague as this Sydney Morning Herald article discusses… “Fresh is what they say it is.”



Meet the people behind the fruit who make sure you get the best selection, freshly chosen on the day of your delivery.


Special event ?

Like some fresh office fruit for your conference or event in Melbourne?

We can provide excellent fresh fruit direct to your event at a price and quality that simply can’t be surpassed.

Why not have a chat with Jamie and he will be able to help you with the quantity and range of fruit that will sure to a be a winner with your group


Give Jamie a call


“…We can’t wait to see what Neil and Jamie have chosen for us on our delivery days. We love the fruit, the service and the price. Oh and the friendly banter too!…”

Michelle G. – Windsor

“Jamie is a really nice guy (and funny too!) You can really notice the difference in the taste and freshness and especially how long the fruit lasts.Lovely people good quality fruit.

Beanie “Davina” Beskin
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